Avalon VR


Avalon VR


Solid design and quality materials define our flagship model of premium VR headsets. Fits all smart phone sizes up to 6" (Will support iPhone 6 and 7 Plus®). With adjustable lens and view distance, users can easily correct for vision problems and find the right balance of immersion and eye relief. A three-strap headband helps keep your device firmly in place and adjusts to fit children and adults of all sizes, enabling users to enjoy virtual reality with minimal distraction. Leatherette contact points on the eyepiece and headband offer superior comfort and keep users cool during extended use. Spring-loaded, adjustable plastic clamps inside the device hold your phone securely without scratching its surface while easily expanding to accommodate larger devices. Package includes Avalon VR headset, User Manual and Cleaning Cloth.

Must order by December 16, 2017 to receive in time for the Holidays!


Product Specs

Material: ABS+PC

Item Size: 7.48 x 5.12 x 3.54"

Lens: PMM Optical Resin Lens

Lens Diameter: 42mm

FOV: 90º - 110º

Pupil Distance: Adjustable

Focus Distance: Adjustable

Phone Sizes Supported: from 3.5” to  6.0”

Color: Black